about HD ink

I am using Piezography 2 / PiezoDN, Selenium tone at 4880. The PhotoBlack ink of Y cartridge is now changed to HDPhotoBlack ink. After several steps, the inside of the tube became completely HD ink. Next I printed PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro1.tif file with x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master curve. But Dmax has fallen.

For example, in the normal PhotoBlack ink, Dmax = 3.6

For HD ink, Dmax = 2.47

Is this correct?


In the case of the same curve file, will HD ink have a higher density than normal ink?


The HD-PK ink should be in the 3.2 range (slightly lower than the original “opaque” black Warm Neutral 1 photo black ink) but 2.47 is too low. Please .zip and upload your master .quad. If you are using an older than v2 version of PiezoDN the master .quad is probably too low on the max ink for this ink so please upload so I can confirm your curve and modify if need be.



Thanks Walker.I upload zip file.

x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master_LLK_0.quad_.zip (3.74 KB)

Try this one.



x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master_LLK-MOD.quad_.zip (3.82 KB)

Thanks! I will try.


sorry,I entered with an ID for purchase. Because it is used by the company, the purchaser and the user are separate.


I tested New curve.But Dmax=about 2.4

I do not know the reason.

I restarted Mac,Printer.But result was same.No problem with the nozzle check of the printer. Even in the calibration mode of QTR, Y channel ink is out. Version of Print - Tool is 2.1.1.

In the QTR curve view, the number of Y channels increases and the number of C channels decreases with new curves. Can C channel be a normal curve number?

Sorry for the late reply,

If your PK ink is in the Yellow channel and you do a nozzle check or calibration print and you see no ink from the Y channel than you are not printing ANY PK at all and something is up. You need to make sure you are printing ink from the channel with PK ink in it or your density will surely only be 2.4 or even worse.

Either you need to do several head cleanings or a power cleaning. Make sure the PK cartridge has been primed and that the vent plug is out when printing/cleaning.


Thanks walker,
After exchanging the ink, I printed 5 sheets of A4 in the calibration mode using QTR-Y-flush_tif. Then I performed power cleaning three times. After that, QTR - 8 Channel flush_tif was printed out in the calibration mode to check the ink out.
I think the D max of the Y channel is low, but is this normal?
Ink - 1 is a normal PK ink.
You write “the vent plug is out when printing / cleaning”, but what is a vent plug? Do you mean the hole at the top of the cartridge?

This looks like a matte paper you are printing on (correct?). But you have Photo Black ink in slot K and HD-PK in slot Y. Doing a reflective reading of photo black on matte paper tells one nothing about the actual light blocking ability of the ink.


Now that HD-PK ink is flowing you can print a film and test optical density.