Dear Walker and PiezoDN

Even though it takes quite some time for me to install and calibrate the new PiezoDN…finally…I can now enjoy this great system.

This system is just superb!! The negative is just too beautiful to describe!!

Thank you very much for all your help and patience!! Thanks Jon for developing a great system with your team!

I just love it.

Harris Choy


Other system (no matter how expensive it is…in this planet just cannot compare with PiezoDN…!! (FYI…i’ve tried Precision Digital Negative…traditional way of tuning Photoshop curve… and even image setter …!! PiezoDN is just the most convenient system to use and with the best best best…workflow and quality!!!)

When I look at my negative printing from “PiezoDN” with my own limited curve/Pt/Pd curves… my happiness is from the bottom of my heart…!!! SO beautiful…so detailed…perfect!!!

I am now on business trip…but i just want to go back home and start printing again in the studio!!!

Everyone in this Forum please try your very best to get one TODAY!!!

It is just not easy at all to have Jon and his team in this planet to develop such an excellent system so that all alternative photography lovers can enjoy the true beauty of printing!!!




Thank you for the comments. It warms my heart.


One more thing and then I’ll shut up. The Proof is in the pudding. After getting a very good limiter target output right out of the box I pulled a full size neg of one of my images and the very first attempt was pretty spot on to my monitor viewing thru the soft proof. Because the neg had well over a 2.70 max and just using 1:1 ferric, palladium the print came out with really strong contrast and a dmax over 1.31 which is as good or better as I ever got before using a 80/20 pl.pt. mixture. Also the warmer tone you get without the pt. is what I want to see in a Paladium print. It really was the neg. that makes 1:1 work great. Certainly more cost effective. Really great results.





Hey Walker and PiezoDN
I think I got it today. YES great system. Next weekend I will start to print my images.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Many Thanks


Hi Walker,

Had to add to this post. Using the 1430-PiezoDN_PD-Ox-IJM.quad curve on a 1430 loaded with sel. K6 set and following the conditions specified for this curve as close as I could. Main difference being I substituted LegionRevere paper instead of the Berger. I have to say I didn’t get past the Using a pre-calibrated quad. as the very 1st attempt yielded a print output closely matching the limiter file with the accompanying LegionRevere soft proof icc profile. Posted scanned Palladium output visually shows step 254 clear separation compared to step 255. Scan is not quite as clear as actual print. Pretty impressive out of the box. Looking forward for 9880 curves to be released for larger DN. Like to see a silver curve in particular. Your effort makes this system too easy.


Mark Sonners