9900 GR channel suddenly missing 1/3 of nozzles - air blockage?

Hi Walker
Hope you may be able to help here. I have a 9900 that we have Pro inks in, with MK mapped to Green as the PK channel is dead. It was all clear a few weeks ago with all used channels with clean behaviour. When I checked it this weekend I found large sections in the middle of the GR channel missing. I have done some paired cleaning and a CL3 with no luck.

I have cleaned wiper, flushing box and head surface with paper towel and piezo flush.

There is some smearing to the right of both edges of the nozzle check.
I have a good Epson technician here who suggested that might be an air blockage so the head is being starved. Have you thoughts on this idea? Perhaps an issue with the cartridge?

Hi suggestion was to do an init fill rather than a print as he feels pumping and suction is gentler than heating up a print head by printing if ink is not getting through.

I’d love some advice here as to best approach.

Kind Regards


This is a de-laminated head channel. The channel has died. Sorry for your loss.


Thanks for your condolences. Time to look for a new machine.