9900 for PiezoPro - set up questions

I have picked up a used 9900 which i am going to convert to PiezoPro
The 9900 has 1x dead/delaminated channel.
I am going to be flushing out the colour and installing PP, but before I get there need to do head alignment etc while colour is still in. But how to do a uni_D head alignment if one channel is dead? Surely the test pattern will print out of whack?

And because of the missing channel, every time I turn the machine on, or run a test, or switch between PK/MK etc, the machine does an auto clean to try and clear what it sees as a problem. I have gone into menu and service mode menu to try and switch off auto cleans, but it hasn’t seemed to work. Once I have the piezo loaded and the bad channel mapped out, is the machine is still constantly going to be trying to clear what it sees as clogged nozzles and flushing ink down the drain before every print? Any way to turn off auto cleans or to trick machine into not constantly running cleans?


I Neil
You should upgrade the firmware to the latest version. I have got the same problem wit a 7900, and upgrading the firmware fixed well the problem!

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Thanks ddangelo! Good tip