9900 for piezo pro

Hi Walker

Sorry to be so basic, but I am in South Africa and shipping and import costs make everything really expensive and no room for mistakes I need to just double triple check a couple things before pulling the trigger….

Currently I have Piezo Pro inks loaded in a 9800 but am wanting to ‘upgrade’ machine to allow for easier MK/PK switch
Also, am getting a slight ‘oily’ sheen when printing on baryta and you mentioned in an earlier forum response “you may do better on this particular printer and paper combo to use straight GO instead of GCO”
Now I have found a used 9900 for sale locally, with what appears to be a delaminated LLK row of nozzles. The rest of the head looks ok.
So my questions…

  1. Given that the LLK is delaminated, I would just ignore the LLK/LM channel? By “ignore” I would just leave the OEM ink in that channel and remap the machine and run it as a 9890 – so the LLK/LM channel is never used. Or do I need to put Piezo Flush in the LLK/LM channel?
  2. Will I still be getting the ‘oily sheen’ with the GCO?
  3. Also, I currently use a 3800 also loaded with Piezo Pro to print digital negs. But going forward would like to use the 9900 instead to print the digital negs and retire the 3800. Is there any difference/advantage/disadvantage to printing digital negs on a 9900 as opposed to the 3800, in terms of quality? Any reason to keep the 3800 as my neg printer?

Many thanks

I could be wrong but I think it’s the LLK/Y that are channel pairs.

LLK and Y should not be used.

Possibly. Go with straight GO . . .

You would want to make sure the 9900 is producing the correct nozzles for negs before ditching the 3880. Don’t kill what ain’t broke. But yeah in generally the 9900 is a better neg printer (more gentle on film).

Thanks Walker,
Yes you right, its the LLK/Y that are channel pairs
and thanks for the feedback