9880 print head moving but not depositing ink on paper


I completed a piezo pro calibration and was printing my first test image, when my 9880 stopped printing before the print was completed. The bottom 1" of the 8x13 image fades to paper white. The rest of the image printed normally.

Now I can’t get a nozzle check to print from the printer control panel. The head moves, but no ink is deposited on the page. I tried printing from another computer hooked to the printer and got the same results: the head moves but no ink is deposited on the paper.

The printer is showing no error messages. I replaced the waist ink tank and did several head cleanings, which had no affect.

Could this be a circuit board failure or pump failure? If so, which would you suggest I try replacing? I have a 9800 I keep for spare parts.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Drew Harty