7880 P. Pro Gloss Coat Asymmetry

Printing with 13x19 J.C. #5 cut sheet (loaded correctly) on 7880 with Pro ink so that image is 10.5"x15.75." Using Print-Tool 2, with Quad 7880 settings. Printer is set for SuperB/A3. Grabbing image from L.R. to drop in PrintTool 2 and centering image. I get a print (in landscape orientation) that has a gloss coat with a perfect 1" margin from the image on the top, bottom and left hand side of image but gloss immediately stops coating when image completes printing so that there is no excess margin of gloss coat on the right border of image. Result is asymmetric gloss coat.
Any ideas?

You have QuadtoneRIP set to “save paper” I think in your print settings.