7800, Cart-Kit has 9 carts, Which Cart don't I use...


I am setting up an Epson Stylus Pro 7800. I purchased a Piezography-Pro kit, which has 9 carts. The 7800 only uses 8 carts. I have identified 7 carts properly, but the instructions are not clear as to the use of the MBK or the PBK carts.

If I had to guess, my thought is that I could use either cart in the Black-Position. Not wanting to waste ink by loading it into a potentially wrong cart, I’m not trusting my instinct.

Which of these two carts should I use?



You can use either position but the best is to use whatever position the printer is currently set to. AKA, if you pulled an epson PK cart out of the printer, fill the PBK cart, and vis versa.