3880 VM cart install problem


Walker, Dana-

I have a brand new (refurbished via Epson Clearance) 3880. I have managed to get the printer to read all the PiezoPro carts (from InkjetMall) except VM. The error I get is “Please install the correct cartridge.” Here’s what I’ve done:

-Reseated both the OEM chip and IJM Reset Chip several times. Same error.

-Reseated the cart several times. Same error.

-Restarted the printer several times. Same error.

-Swapped out the reset chip with the VM reset chip from a spare IJM VM cart. Same error.

-Placed the OEM chip into my spare cart, and tried two different VM reset chips in that spare cart. My spare cart was empty, but the printer didn’t even get there, it gave me the same error.

-Placed the OEM chip back into the OEM cart, and the printer was able to read the cart. Luckily, I rigged it so it wouldn’t initial charge, but it did read the OEM cart properly.

Any other thoughts on what the problem may be or what to do?

My thoughts are:

-There is a problem with the VM reset chips, same as there is with the VLM chips (you sent me replacement chips)?

-I may need a new OEM VM chip? Do you have one, and how can I order it without having to buy an entire Epson cart?




Double check the control chips again. Make sure the VM is actually the VM control chip and VLM is actually the VLM control chip.

Also, depending upon the generation of your OEM Epson chips below it should tell you on the Epson chip what channel it is for but if it doesn’t they could have gotten mixed up.

Most likely if all else is organized, you only need a replacement VM control chip from us which I can get Wells to send, but please double check placement first.




The control chips are good-VM inVM, VLM in VLM (my VLM is working fine).

The EPSON OEM chips do not have indicators. Since VM is the only one not working (and it worked when placed back in OEM cart), I don’t think they’re mixed up.

Re replacement chip: I ordered two sets of carts, and neither VM control chip is working correctly, so if you do send out chips could you send two?

Thanks for the quick response.



You’ll get order confirmation by email,





Funny you should post this- I just received a set of empty carts from IJM for an Epson 3880. The LM control chip was the only one not working for me too (I have a LM chip from the last carts I purchased a year ago that does work, so I could swap with the defective one). VLM worked (at least the spare one IJM kindly sent in anticipation of problems, not the one mounted on the new cart). My Epson 3880 is about 3 years old. I have already asked Wells to send a replacement LM so I am all set.

Best, Wayne




The 3880 should use the VLM chip not the LM chip! So if your control chip only says LM it’s for a 3800 and not 3880.



Thanks! I made a mistake- the chip that did not work was the VM (not LM). You are right, I don’t have any LM chips!



Got my new VM chips this past week, all works well and am printing like a champ on my 3880!

Do you want the non-operational VM and VLM chips back? Happy to send them to you in case you can reprogram or return to your vendor for refund or whatever.




Don’t worry about send-back.