3880 PiezoDN Silver Curve


This is a hot topic that I get tons of email on.

This curve was translated from densities printed out from the 4900 Silver curve. What I did was load a 4900 with Selenium Ink, load a 3880 with Selenium ink, then I printed out the Silver densities from the 4900 PiezoDN Silver curve, and the Master densities form the 3880 PiezoDN Master curve. I measured 256 densities from both printers respectively using a new spectrophotometer that we have in-house and used the 3880 densities as my measurement densities and the 4900 as my target densities.

The result of the new curve is a density match to the 4900 silver curve (that was validated at Maine Media Workshops). I also built an ICC profile to print with. (Included in this zip).

More translations to come. This was the FIRST ONE. Because this 4900 was a different printer than what we used in Maine there may be some minor density discrepancies. I would think of this new 3880 silver curve as a “ballpark” curve. Some filtering or exposure changes should change. I will get this and other curves in the next release.

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ps: read the data sheet for the 4900 silver curve for ballpark darkroom settings.


Is there a P2 version of the silver curve available? I’m not able to get the regular curve saved as a P2.


Here you go.

It’s coming in next release.

3880-PiezoDN-Silver-P2.quad_.zip (3.95 KB)


Great, thanks!!