3880 Piezo .quad files


It appears that the 3880-PiezoDN-Pos-Master.quad, 3880-PiezoDN-PD-Ox-IJM.quad, and the 3880-PiezoDN-Master.quad ink curves are identical (as read in QTR-Curve view). If this is correct, what are the differences? I assumes that the Master quad would be used if one was starting a negative alt process other then Pd (in which case the PD-Ox-IJM.quad would be used. And the Pos-Master.quad would be used for a positive alt. process, e.g. gravure.

I am now confused :-).


Correction. Although the ink limits are the same it appears that the Pos-Master.quad and the PD-OX-IJM.quad (and Master.quad) are mirror images of each other (althought the max ink amounts are identical). And the PD-OX-IJM.quad and the Master.quad curves are identical.

You figured it out.

The Master curves were built against Palladium printing but also using incredibly high dMax for the whitest patch (full masking) to enable eventual calibration for all darkroom methods.

The Positive Masters are simply mirrors of the Negative Masters. They have not been tuned for specific processes and will/would need to be manipulated and calibrated before getting a perfect negative.