3880-K4 to Re-Mapped 4900-K4

This tool re-maps a 3880-K4 .quad to a 4900-K4 Quad. This is for a specific customer (Yaron Leshem)

This is for a 4900 where the LC (Medium grey cool) is in Green channel (normally Very Light Grey Cool).

  1. Open a 3880 Pro Cool curve of your choice using a text editor (I use Sublime editor now which is awesome). https://download.sublimetext.com/Sublime%20Text%20Build%203143.dmg

  2. Select all and paste into A1.

  3. Select column B.

  4. Go back to the .quad opened in Sublime and select all, delete, and then paste.

  5. Save this as “somefilename.quad” inside of the 4900-K5 curve folder.

  6. Use this re-mapped cool curve and your normal warm curve to make a “neutral” curve which uses K5 warm and k4 cool in Piezography Pro Blender. In general setting the “Neutral Warm %” to 18 and then keeping the % Cool at 50 all the way down make a neutral curve. (This is also documented in other threads on this forum.)

LC-GR-38xx-49xx.zip (46.7 KB)