3880 Ink Cartridge Error with refill carts; OK with OEM carts

Hi all,

I just received my two sets of refillable carts (one that I’m going to use with Pro inks; one that I’m going to use with Piezoflush). I’ve got one channel (LK) that refuses to recognize either of the refillable carts.

Here’s what I’ve tried to get things working:

  1. Test the OEM chip: I put the chip back into the OEM cart, and the cart is recognized with no issues.
  2. Test the contacts inside the cart bay: This one is tested along with #1 above; there’s no issue reading the OEM chip in the OEM cart. Just for thoroughness, though, I did wipe down the chip contacts in the cart bay with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Double check that the cart is filled correctly: The replacement cart (currently with Piezoflush) appears to be properly filled and primed. The internal chambers are filled, the output port is not covered (was punctured to prime the cartridge, the vent port is not covered, the fill port is covered.
  4. Examine the replacement cart chip assemblies: I looked at both the replacement cart chips, and for one of the carts I received, it appeared like its contacts were not protruding out of the plastic housing. I removed the replacement chip from the housing, used an exacto knife to remove some material from the through-holes for the pins, reassembled, saw that all pins were protruding, and tried again with the OEM chip underneath per the directions. No luck. I’m remiss to disassemble the remaining replacement chip.
  5. Try the second replacement cart: I also put in the replacement chip assembly into my second LK replacement cart to test whether the cart itself was somehow at fault. I could not get the second cart to register, either.
  6. Wiggle the replacement carts after installation: Wiggling the carts after installation to see if something is not seated correctly doesn’t seem to have an effect.

I’m at a loss for what to try next. It seems like the printer itself and the OEM chip are functioning as expected. All other replacement carts seem to work (caveat: one other cart/channel is acting up a bit, but is functioning as I write this). Could it be that it’s a bad batch of LK replacement chips? It doesn’t look like the replacement carts are serialized on the package, but the date code under the InkjetMall bar code indicates an October 2022 production date.

How can I proceed?

I found a reference to a FAQ in this post, but I can’t find the document. Can anyone point me to this?

I tried pushing the refill chip to both sides (not sure which direction is “left” in the linked post above), but that seems to have solved the issue with this particular cart.