3880 Head Totally Clogged

I need help on returning a 3880 to printing. My 3880 has printed flawlessly for the year I have had it. This was dedicated to PiezoPro printing. When I had little to no print jobs, I diligently ran nozzle checks and maintenance prints to prevent issues with print head clogging.

To eliminate the need for printing to maintain the print heads, I recently purchased another set of OEM cartridge chips and a Piezoflush cartridge set. This propagated the beginning of my troubles.

With the PiezoPro inkset still installed, I ran a nozzle check and all 8 heads were flawless in creating the manual test pattern. I removed all the inks and replaced them with Piezoflush carts. After purging the ink system, I got a perfect light pink manual test pattern for all 8 heads.

I switched from photo black to matte black. After a few purging cycles, I got a faint pink gray in the matte black position. I did two more black ink changes.

Now, the black nozzle is totally plugged. I am not getting even 1 dash in the test pattern.

For the past several months, I printed with photo black far more than with matte black. Any possibility not using the matte black created my head issue?

Is there any hope for rescuing this printer?

This is a leaking PK damper in your printer. You need to either only use the MK Chanel (put PK in there if you want) or get an ink supply assembly from some place like compassmicro.com, etc.