3880 Black Head Stopped Printing

I run a nozzle check Manual Pattern just prior to every print session. I printed two weeks ago.

Over the weekend, I received a Piezo Flush kit for this printer. I ran a nozzle check before purging the PiezoPro ink, and all patterns were complete. I did two power flushes, followed by two ink changes. Then a third power flush. I got 7 patterns of pink Piezoflush, and a slightly darker pink for the black position. I performed another two ink changes and now I’m getting no pattern for the black position. I did another power clean. But no change. A manual test print gives nice pink patterns for positions 2-8. Position 1 is clean.

How do you suggest I proceed?

Greg Porter

Check your cartridge. If one (PK or MK) is empty than you have a leak in the damper assembly which is a common issue on older 38xx printers.


Sorry for the late reply,

been on vacation