31 Steps/ 51 Steps Printing without black border


Dear Walker

I try to print the 31 patches and 51 patches using PiezoDN, and discovered that the final print out did not show the “automatic” black border…is this a bug???

I use “no color management” and select no curve during printing…

I just want to print a 31 steps for “standard printing time” purpose…

PS> do you think it is possible to ask PiezoDN to create a TIFF template for “standard printing” time?? quite a lot of people using “Stouffer 31 steps” to look for standard printing time, but i am it is not accurate enough coz we are using PiezoDN system. Using a piece of Ultra Premium OHP to cover the “Stouffer 31 steps” and then expose under UV lights seems not a perfect solution. (correct me if i am wrong or too demanding.)



We are toying with the idea of selling a standard expanded PiezoDN-printed Stouffer strip from InkjetMall. This has to be printed and validated on a single printer here with published UV and Optical density values. It can’t be made by each person at home.


That said, variability and dependability in density of black and exposure has much more to do with humidity and other darkroom controls than it has to do with the film or printing system to make the film.


Dear Walker

Do you mean the 31 steps and 51 steps under PiezoDN is NOT for digital negative??