2 quick questions on photopolymer and DN

I’m setting up my studio to eventually do intaglio and was wondering (before I go to the workshop in August) what I could use to «cure» the plates at 150 degrees? I was thinking of an Arkay RC air dryer but cannot find info on it’s temperature except for the 850 watts it gives (which does not really help me)…
Also I am dedicating a 2880 for digital negatives. Can I use this for the photopolymer plates as well?
Thanks and no hurry for an answer…

Hi Michel,

For curing plates after I have dried them, I used a pancake griddle set at 140 to heat cure them.


Hi Greg
Cool, thanks…
I guess my oven may work also… its a gas ooven so a little more of a humid heat but not excessive.

Follow up question:
What should I use to light my studio? right now it is empty but has 4 recessed floods so I can basically install what I want… given budget considerations!
Building tables tomorrow (all on wheels) just received my Blick press!.
Am I asking too many questions on this one topic. should I start new topics?
thanks all