2 PiezoDN Tools cannot be opened in Numbers

I don’t have Windows. Therefore I can’t open with Numbers the Piezography Curve Adjustment tool or the 21 Step Scanner tool, both of which came as .xlsb files. Only the 129 Step_PiezoDN_CGATS_Smoother tool came in Numbers format. Can you resend the .xlsb files in .Numbers or a file that can be opened in .Numbers (.xlsx, or .xls)?

Do you have an update on the release of the Piezography Error Correction Tool for linearizing prints?

Tim McCoy

Dear Tim. All of these excel documents require excel *as demarcated in both the download requirements and the manual. There is Visual Basic code that is Excel-only in the tools so you have to use Excel. You need excel version 2011 or newer. These work on both the Mac and PC version of Excel.