17" roll film for 3880

Hi all,
I’ve been printing a decent bit with PDN recently and have calibrated for salt/albumen and kallitypes.

I’m looking to make some bigger negs on the 3880 soon
I was wondering anyone has experience working with roll film
Could I get a full 16x20" negative out of a 17" wide roll?
Is half an inch at either edge enough of a margin?
Anything I should be aware of when using roll films?



For economic reasons I only buy roll film and then cut it down to size. I use a P 800 and feed the sheets through the front feed tray, with a pizza wheel rollers in the up position.

For example, for 11 x 14 digital negative I cut the 17 inch roll at 12 inches. I make sure the paper is cut exactly perpendicular to the sides. In Print Tool I make sure the print is high up on the layout.

I don’t often print 16 inches wide, but I have not had a problem. What I have learned is that leaving a few inches of blank film at the end of the image prevents left right lines on the negative that sometimes happen near the end of the print. You could also attach a strip of waste paper to the tail edge.
Also, at least in my case, if I am feeding roll paper at right angles to the way it should feed I have to watch that the curl of the pictorico at the left and right corners doesn’t get caught as it exits the printer. I suppose I could try to flatten it more before I print with it.