1430 stops in mid print


Hello! i was running 7880 and 7900 from the mac, and now decided to try this new PiezoDN system… the most affordable way was to go with 1430…

I got a brand new 1430 epson, full kit from ConeStudios, and QTR/Printtool…

QTR and PrintTool were already on my Mac, since I was using them for my previuos workflow with large printers…

Trying to print via PrintTool and 1430, does not work. Prints about two inches and stops, Quad1430-PiezoDN shows printer status as “paused”

Clicking resume expunges film and printer starting all over again. Stopping again.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated…



Are you connected via USB?

Are you using a Mac?




USB connection, Mac 10.6.8

Re-installed drivers, printed 8x10, next one. 8.5x11 printed 90%

I dont know what is the deal here…

Also noticed, as it starts printing, first half inch of printed image has pronounced black stripes, after half inch or so, they disappear and normal smooth full tone image continues. Anybody experienced something similar? Brand new printer, new ink…



OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard? Wow. (I still have an old G5 running 10.5.8 for my scanner.)

I’ve been using QTR almost as long as it’s been in existence. This thing where it stops printing mid-print has happened to me once in a great while. It’s happened with the Epson driver a few times too. I think it is some sort of communication error. Maybe your USB cable is bad. Or maybe too long?

Are you saying that you are trying to print an 8x10 image on 8.5x11 film? If so, did you read the 1430 instruction pdf? It specifically mentions leaving a 2 inch margin on the bottom edge. It also suggests using 11x17 or 13x19 sheets for the same reason. If you have removed the star-wheels, this printer needs a little extra material in order to feed straight as it nears the end. I found the margin requirements to be 0.5 inch at the top and 1.5 inches at the bottom. Sides can be as close as 1/8" (0.125) or whatever the QTR minimum is. I think that the banding if you try to print too close to the leading edge is a common problem with this particular printer, and the solution is to give it the margin it needs.

Personally, when printing actual images (rather than test targets) I like to use film the same size as the paper I will be printing on because it makes positioning really easy. I sometimes trim the film to size after making the neg.

If you are trying to get by with 8.5x11 film for economy purposes, I would suggest that it is a false economy in that your failures will quickly cost more in materials than using larger sheets. But here are a some possible solutions:

  1. Reduce the size of the target file (if that is what you are printing) to accommodate the necessary margins.
  2. Don't forget to expand the canvas size to match the sheet size and fill with black so that the margins remain clear.
  3. Get 13x19 sheets and cut them in half to 9.5x13.
  4. Get a 17" roll and cut to the needed size such as 8.5x12. This is what I am doing for test targets since I had a roll on hand.
I hope this is helpful. Sorry if I misinterpreted the issue.


follow- up -

Finally was able to re-insert bank of cartridges and get a contact and no red lights…

Cannot believe how flimsy this machine is… but prints pretty decent:)



Keith! Thank you so much for advice - I followed it, and printer started to behave more predictably - as long as I did not try to print anything in top or bottom two inches… Strange limitations, but I can live with them… Also, you were right about the cable, it was probably too long. Replaced it with shorter one and prints started to go thru.

Now is the new glitch - suddenly, printer stop print and all red ink lights are on! no matter what I try - reset button, take out, push bank of cartridges back in, no reset. And with deadline looming, it is very unpleasant!

Anybody, any suggestions?