1430 PiezoDN install? Mac

I hauled my printer over to the desk and plugged it in with a USB cable. There is no way I can do this normally. Physically cannot happen… the printer is a WiFi printer. I use it with Piezography inks all the time. But, the instructions for installing PiezoDN to install PiezoDN with the printer connected by a USB cable. Ok… that’s done but it will not normally work this way. Besides that, PiezoDN install fails WITH the USB cable plugged in.


Also- My 4900 is also a NETWORK printer and will remain so. Am I going to run into the same cabling issue with the 4900 as I’m having with the 1430?

The 4900 PiezoDN install fails with a direct USB connection for the 4900 as well. Neato…

The normal QTR Install commands are found in the PiezoDN “curves” folders. This way you can add the printer via IP address just like you have been doing.



I tried that. The install wouldn’t complete until I reinstalled Print Tool and QTR. I have no idea which one fixed it because I didn’t check until I had reinstalled both of them.