1430 cures and PN2.3

I just download the new PiezoDN 2.3 and notice that the 3880 has curves for Salt, Silver, Ziatype and Cyanotype but the 1430 only has the original Pd and master curves. Any reason for this, why doesn’t the 1430 get this extra curves?




I have no idea of the answer to your actual question, but I’d suggest that you’d be better off making your own from scratch since for Salt, Cyanotype, and Ziatype there is such a wide range of process variables, that really need to be decided upon before linearizing. For example the traditional cyanotype formula is very short scale (contrasty) but if you develop in a weak acid (vinegar, citric, etc) you can gain a stop or 2. The Ware formula is much less contrasty, similar in scale to Pd. And there is another formula that a friend of mine came up with a while back that also has a long scale similar to Pd, though it does not achieve as deep a blue as the others.

Simply start with the Master and print the Limiter target. Determine the correct limit and from that create your custom Master. Then linearize with a 129-step using your custom Master. I promise it will be more accurate for your conditions and process variables than one made by Walker or me or anyone else. Even if they did exist they should be relinearized for your conditions for the best results.

That said, I expect to be making a cyanotype curve or 2 for the 1430 within the next week and will be happy to share it with you.

Your absolutely right the variables, I was just curious as to why. Thanks for the offer, but I should make my own as its good learning curve after leaving the DN process alone for a while.




We stopped R&Ding the curves on the 1430 when we expanded to every other printer. Long story short, by the time I had any time to get back to the 1430, I was already in progress building the driver (which significantly increases microweave precision and dot placement on the 1430) + the fact that anyone doing PiezoDN (or any good dig neg process) will need to do some calibration on their own. In short, it will be the same labor to go from the master as (most likely) any other more specific curve.

I’m working out some more generalized nomenclature around curves and density slopes for the upcoming driver.