129STEP_PIEZODN_CGATS_SMOOTHER.xlsb is protected

What is the password to unprotect the xlsb worksheet?

For the ODS version of Smoother, I get “The file has been protected with a password and cannot be opened.”

The Numbers version of Smoother works. And it creates a CGATS file. Why doesn’t PPE have a CGATS tab? If you want a CGATS file, you have to use Smoother. But if you have corrected any Falses in PPE, it’s not a simple matter of pasting spectro data.

Another advantage of the Numbers version: it displays step numbers (1…129). This makes it easier to identify systematic errors such as every 11th step being too light or too dark. It would be nice if the PPE version also displayed step numbers.

When you enter a New L* value in PPE, why does the L* value itself change so that it’s now equal to New L* ? If I change a value and want to see the original measured value, I must delete the New L*. I found that by fixing a few Falses with Smoothing and Smoothing Boost both set to zero (so the measurement errors became obvious), and then set Smoothing = 70%, Boost = 90%, I get an almost perfectly linear curve. I think this is an important use case that none of the tools cater to particularly well.

Never mind about the Smoother password. I found it necessary to select the entire range of green cells before pasting spectro data. I do not remember having to do that on Windows.