i1Pro3 and PiezoDN

Is anyone using the i1Pro3 (not Plus) and i1Profiler with PiezoDN?

Yes. Short answer before I get to making all the workflows.

  1. Make sure you use i1Profiler 3.2+
  2. Open the i1Pro2 workflow. Go to the device section and change the device from i1Pro2 to i1Pro3 (not plus). It will change the height of the patches but not the width so you’ll still be able to measure just fine.


Hi Walker
thanks for helping out with this.

  1. Am using iProfiler 3.2.1
  2. Am lost at this point. When I start iProfiler, if i1Pro3 is not connected, everything is in Demo mode, and there is not much that one can do. If I start with i1Pro3 connected, the only workflow I see is Application Settings > Default Display Device > there are options, I can pick i1Pro2 or a combined ‘i1Pro3 | i1Pro3 Plus’ and that is it.
    If I pick i1Pro2 here, I cannot find any way of changing to i1Pro3.
    So, I tried to go to Advanced mode, then looked for some way of following above instruction but no go.
    Could you provide more specific details? Sorry to bother you!