Epson P400, unrecoverable error

My P400 is giving an “unrecoverable error” message (simultaneously blinking paper/cancel and ink lights.) The user manual says to turn the product off and restart, but the error comes right back when I do that. For lack of a better idea, I tried unplugging the unit from the wall, (not simply powering off) and letting it sit of a couple of hours before plugging back in and restarting, but got the same result.

The printer was running flawlessly the day before yesterday. This error came on with no warning at all.

I’m at a loss, so I thought I’d check here before calling Epson. Any thoughts/advice/suggestions are most welcome!

Is this helpful?

Thank you, John - I had missed that post in my search here. It sounds like the same combination of lights on the printer, but a different problem. When I spoke with Epson, the rep asked if a dialog box came up on my computer with an error code, which it did not. As soon as he heard that, he said the whole unit would be replaced. (As a side note, I got the exact same behavior from my printer with refillable IJM carts, OEM carts and no carts at all in the printer, so I think whatever is wrong, it is pretty early in the start-up self-check routine, before the printer even looked to see if carts were installed. Makes me wonder if it was a core system that failed…)

Anyway, I just sent the printer off today. With a little luck I should have the replacement on hand in a week and a half or so.